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For me the biggest PITA is that the X-Touch banks and S1 Console views don't chase each other,
It's SO lame!!
Hence changing the main fader to control the currently selected channel.
My Console 1 and the S1 mixer chase each other, so I reckon it should be possible with a bit of luck to get it working on the X-Touch as well.

Adding cut and paste would be nice but you can only shuttle in bars in S1, so without the fine control of the wheel, it doesn't seem worth it.
I've yet to establish what's really worth having on there.

There is also some weird behaviour in S1 that doesn't seem to have any workaround.
You can't address console channel write automation using macros for example - just doesn't work.
It works for tracks that are in the main track list in the arrange window, but not for their respective channels in the console.
I want my track and channel selections to be perfectly mirrored everywhere, as I rely more on the Inspector for channel viewing - the console stays hidden most of the time.
The Inspector only shows channel details for tracks that are in the Arrange window, it doesn't show anything if you select an aux (bus, fx or vca) channel in the console. Annoying.
There's no simple way to get them there at first look, either.
So I figured out a way to trigger a macro that adds the selected aux track to the main tracklist. One touch, done.
edit: this can actually be done just by ticking the box in options related to adding automation lanes automatically for bus tracks.
My macro was just writing automation on selected bus tracks then undoing and leaving the track clean but now added to the tracklist - automation was the simple key there. But if you haven't done it from the beginning, changing it doesn't add auto tracks for the existing busses and auxes.

There's a 'hard barrier' between the Arranger/Marker tracks and the rest of the tracks in the tracklist.
You can't navigate between them using the keyboard or a controller - you have to do it manually; picking up the mouse and clicking between one set and the other.
No command strings have been provided that allow you to select the marker or arrange tracks, they can only be opened and closed, which doesn't actually select them, therefore you can't select a section either, or gain access to any functions available when a section is selected.
Same goes for markers.