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...merely what the irrational side of all of us wants... to not have to use any other DAW but the one we prefer. Sour grapes? Guilty as charged. But not because I'm jealous somehow. Just simple irritation with PT users who, unlike just about every other DAW user, assume that the whole world runs on PT, and don't even bother to ask about a preferred format for export in a collaborative scenario. 9/10 times, they just send the .ptx file, no questions asked. Which means I'm out $30 that month, since I've long since decided to suck it up. I know, cost of doing business, but that doesn't mean I don't WISH that that scenario would go away. A person can have their wildly unrealistic wishes, can they not?
Learn to think of all the DAWS as one big daw, with PT as the master daw - like the big water tower atop the building - and then realize that all that research and development (started by PT) has filtered down and helped build the very DAW you know and love, and then imagine a world without PT and how little you'd now have to work with