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For VO and ADR, yes. For mixing, sitting in a room together bouncing ideas off each other, when it's the kind of project that needs it, can't be created with high speed internet. We have high speed internet now and the thought of 3 to 6 people on video conference trying to mix is not appealing in the slightest....

Whether the demand and budget will always be there for that specific interaction is another question.

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Fully agreed. I do a lot of my work remotely or unsupervised, but the final mix always has clients in attendance and in the room, and I don't want that to ever change. Mixing is a living breathing collaborative thing, and works so much better when your director is physically present. So much of sound is abstract and ethereal and based on feeling and emotion it's harder to convey that over the internet. Even just 'a little bit louder' is pretty subjective if you are trying to do it over email. Plus you want to make sure your clients are listening to the best monitoring possible with you which is usually the dubstage (or at least your studio which should sound better than their offices).

But yes, for VO, ADR, and many other parts of the chain that happen before the final mix remote collaboration with the tools and internet speeds we have now is pretty amazing, I love that. But I'd always want my clients in the room for mixing. I feel lucky that a lot of my clients are from out of town or out of state and they will travel to me for the mix, but I also know that being in LA makes that travel easier because they can not just come here for me, but they can also do their color and all their post finishing and laybacks here while they are in town. Maybe someday I'll have enough gravitas to find a pretty quiet patch of nature and build a nice stage out there away from the hustle and bustle, but for now being in a major post town has definitely helped with the client draw, even if the clients don't live here themselves.