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Originally Posted by scraggs View Post
nope. one way (volume automation) sounded "like i did something there", the other (clipping) passed by unnoticed. so i'm speaking from direct experience about this exact subject, but you are welcome to continue to not believe me.
I believe you that's why the smiley face when I said I DON'T believe you.

OK, so what you heard was a "ducking" at that point, probably because the mids and highs got pulled down along with the low. A wideband limiter would produce that side effect as well, yes?

On the other hand a clipper would just chop off those mid/high ripples riding on the low frequency wave so you should have heard some loss there too. Perhaps the mids and highs that were chopped off were hidden by the new harmonics added by the clipping?

Will have to dig into this a bit more... Thnx