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If there are two stray peaks in the mix that are short transients that stick out 3dB above everything else, I'm gonna get rid of them with a clipper (as long as it's transparent to my ears) before hitting the limiter, otherwise things can sound nasty if you are doing say a max of 2dB of limiting but then on those two peaks, it suddenly hits 5dB of limiting. Whatever works. Why limit yourself?
2 limiters in series can also be used for this.

Honestly in recent years I've been doing fine with just one good limiter and choosing which model of limiter and setting has been the key. But that's probably because I'm not going for the super-loud EDM type levels, just "loud enough" "sweet spot" levels.

Thinking of adding a touch of clipping before the limiter in cases where I'm losing too much perceived punch and attack in the snare/kick. As an experiment. Next time that comes up I'll check it out and try to remember to report back.