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Working for free or cheap


I’m looking for a bit of advice from seasoned studio pros.

So I have my dream one room studio now functional to record a full band and I have started recording with a semi pro band. We have cut 2 original tracks so far and bar a couple of tweaks the band are really happy with what we’ve done so far.

I started on the premis as they don’t have much cash that I’d be happy to work for either very little or free if I could lean on them to contribute ideas or advice for my own songwriting material. All good so far, after a bit of a break we’re in touch again and they want to continue recording and do the whole album.

I’m really happy about it as it shows I’m improving as a recording and mix engineer. I have stated that I’d be happy to work through the album and at the end they can just raise whatever funds they have or think is valid.

I want to build up my resume as an engineer so i can get more work moving forwards. I do this in my spare time and work full time so I work around life.

Do you think this is the best policy?, I do want to build relationships while crafting my skills in real world recording and mixing scenarios rather than being jack of all trades when I’m writing my own stuff. I figure that building up a list of contacts aro7nd music will be of more benefit for me for the stage I’m at, rather than focusing on making a quick buck or two.

Do you have any advise to share where you have been in my position?

Would you do anything differently, knowing what you know now?

All the best