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User requests for hacked/upgraded Mackie Control for Behringer X Touch

Ok, so I just got an X-Touch Universal, which is awesome.

There are some missing features though in the S1 implementation, and other features that are not present in the original protocol but that I wanted specifically for the way I work.

There is a rather splendid GS user that is helping me to rewrite parts of the XML script that defines MC in Studio One, and so I wanted to field some ideas from users to get some inspiration for what to add/remove/replace from the original spec.

Studio One's MC support section of the reference manual is actually incorrect in a few ways, stating that certain functions don't work when they do, so I've been playing around to see what does actually work, and what doesn't.

As an example, in the View section of the controller, the S1 manual states that the 'Midi' and 'Inputs' buttons don't do anything, when in fact Midi brings up all your VCA channels and Inputs does indeed bring up all your input channels.

Also, they state that the controller layout follows the Remote Bank view when in fact it follows the Master Bank (unless you press 'User;, and then it mirrors the Remote Bank.

These are serious omissions in the documentation because these are incredibly useful features to have!

One thing I got sorted straight away was to reassign the default function of the master fader on the X Touch to control the currently selected channel rather than the main out, which I never touch, as I use an Aux Master setup (all tracks routed to the Aux Master with that Aux then feeding the Main Outs).

Making that one simple change enabled me to get rid of my Faderport, which was basically fulfiling that one duty only.

Non-functioning buttons in the Transport section include 'Nudge', 'Replace', 'Solo' and 'Scrub, and these can all be doubled up using the Shift button.

I really want to be able to implement Chase, so that selecting a channel on the controller brings that channel into view in the S1 console, and vice-versa.
This is not part of the original MC spec, but should be able to be implemented (I hope).
Not having this is why I wanted that 9th fader to control the currently selected channel, whether I could see it in the console/on the controller bank or not.

So, long story short, which new functions would you like to see added or replaced or whatever?

I have a few ideas but I'd like to see what others think would be valuable functions to have, as you may well come up with better ideas than me

Fire away!!