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Check out "Steve Remote" who is basically the king of remote audio trucks.

Aura Sonic: Mobile & Location Production

Cool concept, but you've got to be pretty well connected in a very busy market to make this even have a remote chance of profitability. If I was going to do this, it would be both audio AND video. While potentially more viable, that's a much more sizable investment with a much larger crew and considerably more complexities.

An on-the cheap video/audio trailer rig in my very rough estimation would likely cost around $300K bare minimum to get started, not including the truck to haul it around.

Most of that would be on the video (cameras, switchers, com system, jib, recording decks, preview monitors, etc) and cabling side of things (audio and video splitters and various interfaces to all the different formats, SDI cables etc). If you went into less expensive but decent kit such as Blackmagic designs you could pretty much source most of the essentials on the video side from them.

On the audio side, you could put a protools rig together pretty inexpensively, but if you need real-time mixing (most likely if you do streaming events etc) you're going to need a digital console such as an Avid S3L or similar.

You'd need a very generous sized trailer (sticking with the trailer theme as it is the least expensive option), and depending on your DIY skills costs would vary in terms of soundproofing it to a reasonable level (depending on whether you intend to do any tracking inside, or if it is just to support remote live event recording)

I hope that helps... lots of posts about this from Steve Remote on the web, with many great lessons learned.