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I'll add to the chorus that work is amazing in LA right now. I do a lot of work with nonfiction, and I'm seeing a golden age of documentary storytelling right now, and lots of demand and opportunities for longform nonfiction and documentary series at the moment. I love how places like Netflix and its kin are opening up all these new avenues for high end nonfiction.

I can't speak to owning a big facility or expansive dubstage, but I imagine there is a paradox in that you probably want to operate in a city like LA, NY, or London where so much of the work is being done, but also in those cities the real estate is so goddamn insane these days that you see a lot of the big facilities closing down as their properties get bought out for real-estate deals/non-sound-related business reasons.

But there is a lot you can do in a medium sized lower-overhead modern studio space though with the tools and technology we have available these days and it will sound amazing. However I will taper that by saying as much as I love my studio, and I'm fortunate to be busier than ever right now, my favorite part of the theatrical process is still and always will be going to a full sized dubstage for the final mix, and there are always pangs of sadness when I see a renowned major shop close its doors.