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Im running this on my iMac Pro base config (8 core, 32GB, 1TB) and I can run all the tracks at about 75% cpu at 44.1.

When I switch to 96khz I could run 74 tracks reliably, and sometimes 75 would work but it dropped out after a few bars.

There is one thing this test taught me- that I should start recording at 24/96 just for latency reasons. I have a UAD Apollo 8, and it does indeed reliably run at 1.5ms latency at 96khz with a buffer of 128 samples...

Thanks for putting this together! I will run it on my i9 MacBook Pro at some point but I don't have it really set up for audio yet.
Can you elaborate on this 96k latency thing? - I don't quite understand what you mean - cheers