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Things are beginning to cool down here, snow on top of the mountains, so the race is on to get some walls and a roof up.

Once the footings were dug we got to see the incredible foundation of the house. I’m sure its probably how all the older homes in the area were constructed, but it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence to see the stacked river rock that holds things up. The plywood / boarded up window is the other side of this:

Eventually this will be open between the old house and the new space, the door to the left will go out to reception, the window will look down the hall between the studios.

The footings were formed, in the second photo you can see the copper wire which is bound to the footing rebar in multiple locations to create the Ufer ground.

Concrete showed up and the footings were poured quickly.

The rebar standing up out of the footings is for the stem wall which connects the footings to the above-ground walls. The forms for the stem wall took a couple days to arrive, but it was then formed and poured.

Now, with the forms off, it's getting a bit easier to see the spaces and how things will lay out.

This will be the new entrance to the studio. The two lower spots in the wall behind will be the doorways to a janitor closet and a new bathroom. The house wall on the right and the window will eventually be interior walls and the bolts and plates seen on top of the concrete toward the right will hold steel beams that will support the new roof.

Here is a look at how things will layout:

On Friday the trenches were backfilled and tomorrow we expect to see concrete block arrive and hopefully start going up.