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Old 4th October 2018
Macbook Pro late 2013 quad I7 @ 2,6
SSD 500go
16go Ram
128 buffer

High Sierra , Logic 10.3

I'm at around 28 tracks. ( earlier poster with the EXACT same machine has 15 tracks? maybe an older Logic or OS?)

Mac Mini 2012 quad I7 at 2,3[/B] 16Go rame 500 SSD

43 tracks[/B] ! what a beast, on par with some 2013 MacPro.

I'm pretty sure temperature inside the macbook, gets the count down. other than that, they are almost the same machines. (Mac mini even has older OS and Logic). My Macbook should even have a faster hard drive bay.

Anyway I'm quite surprise with the difference in performance.

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