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I haven't seen it yet, but the new, 4th remake of "A Star Is Born" has me interested from the music/engineering aspect. Anyone on the way to see it yet?

Unlike most every other movie and every single tv show (esp the ones I get involved with)... the music clips in the new Star Is Born... are not clips. Everything was played live.... everything was sung live.... even in intimate apartment scenes etc... all live....all the time. Every iota of playing and singing. Warts and all. Technically, that's really really hard to do in a tv show or movie. Like....really hard.

The info I've read so far is that the sound editors captured everything live on two 32-channel mixers and routinely were capturing 60 tracks of multitrack "stuff" (ie...massive amount of micing on the sound stage set as well as on location).

Huge amount of room modeling used also.... check out that interesting story on how the movie producers successfully prevented live audiences (at the live filming and recording sessions at Coachella etc) from being able to grab the performances on cellphones to leak before the movie was finished.

Interesting interesting stuff. I remember the 1976 remake and it was too schmaltzy and removed from the times I was living in.

This movie may be a success on a number of fronts. The approach to recording the film's dialogue and music itself is guaranteed to draw me to the theater to see it.