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I have used the Grado SH60 in the past and was quite pleased with them for mixing. They are comfortable, have a very pleasant sound and enough bass. Very pleasant for just listening to music as well. Mixes translated well to my Genelec monitors. Unfortunately -as they are half open- they are not very suitable for tracking or listening to loud music in public transport.

After my kids killed the Grado's I switched to the AT M50 as they are a closed design and don't leak during tracking or listening to music in public areas. Although the bass is a bit hyped I like these headphones a lot too. Again mixes translated well to my Genelec 2:1 monitors, if you keep in mind the M50's have hyped bass.

If my headphones were just for home use I would probably get Grado's again though. I seldom use my headphones anymore as I broke up with my ex and am in the comfortable position to be able to play loud music in my home studio with no one complaining. I love my neighbours for putting up with my sound terrorism!
I'm guessing you love funk and were born in 1972? Snap! lol