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I think that question answers itself.
So you think she's finding the sync industry is saturated, and that "coaching" people for $2,500 per head / per year is more revenue than she can create from just syncing her own material?

It's just so over the top. I can't find anyone who will actually say "Yeah, I took her course, and I placed "this song" on "this project". They all talk about what they're learning, how charming she is, and so on, but there's a bunch of people in their facebook group basically asking some of her students "Have you actually had placements?", and they all seem to choose their words very carefully and avoiding giving a direct "Yes".

I am not the paranoid type, and I would obviously be ok with $200 per month if I would be building a revenue stream, but I don't want to throw money at a glorified webinar and some vague suggestion that I might get to talk to some supervisor at some point <<<<< that's pretty much the pitch.