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Old 3rd October 2018
Here for the gear

Anyone use Zynaptiq Unfilter for comparison? I have both Smart EQ+ and 'Unfilter' which often give different results where I tend to use these on buss mixes, and I find myself using one or the other as a starting place. Agree that I think we are missing out on a lot of flexibility of the version 1 multi-band 'magic' control to dial in strength more selectively and the added extra bands help keep all adjustments in one plugin. May have to get the upgrade for the huge discount though and hope for more implementation in updates.

EDIT: The one smart filter design does offer quick adjustment and as I read more about it's flexibility to control bandwidth that is a really nice feature; agree that it's a keeper and multiple 'smart' filters should be as additional if added back into version 2.

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