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Old 2nd October 2018
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I want a new mono with a decent sequencer.

I have been flipping around between a number of candidates and came to the following conclusions:

1) Mono Station: perfect but I find the DCOs so sterile.
2) Toraiz AS-1: sounds great but a knackered sequencer implementation. You cannot change patterns whilst synced to midi clock.
3) Malekko Manther: sounds good but again sequencer problems. Synced patterns consistently play slightly before they should.
4) IK Uno: sounds good too, the patterns are a bit short and they have hidden some of the parameters so you can only access them through a computer editor.
5) The Minibrute 2S: although it has no patch memories (I play live so this could be awkward) I love the sound and the sequencer sounds interesting.

At the moment the 2S seems to have it. If anyone else has anything to add feel free......