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It's relevant that both 4,1 -> 5,1 Classic Towers with 2 x 3.46 Ghz Xeons
(mine and @ fastlanephil 's) give exactly the same 116 tracks. I don't
expect the 12 core plastic trashcan 2013 mac pros to do much better.

I expected more from my i7 4790K 4Ghz hack, I got 62 with a lot of
other apps running, I'll have to try it without all that overhead ;-)
But although it absorbs spikes better, and it doesn't waste as much
wattage, it doesn't handle big multitrack projects as well as the old
faithful aluminum Classics.

This benchmark is not checking the "single core spiking" where the fastest
clock speeds shine. What we're getting here is a measure of how well the
rig handles big multitrack sessions.

It's hard to get both on one machine. On the new macBook Pros, if you
run big projects on 6 cores, it's bound to slow down the clock to prevent

People who come from 4/4 rock are perfectly content with smaller
systems, and they keep saying that anyone who isn't satisfied
making music on a single laptop with a 16 GB RAM limit doesn't know
what he's doing ;-) But big projects aren't done that way, it would be
silly, just the sync and multi-user requirements alone call for more
than a single machine.

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