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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
Really easy for people to hook a foot under. And you have to be very mindful of which way the feet are pointed and which direction is the tippy direction.

Semi-related, I borrowed one of those Shure "drum kits" in which the tom mics have SM57-type capsules embedded in little junior-size metal cannonballs. They come with clips for mounting directly on the tom rims, and they are easily the most microphonic little bastards I've ever encountered. Utterly useless. The kick mic is decent, though.
Yeah, that design of clipping to the drum is often problematic.

Originally Posted by David Rick View Post
This example shows that mass isn't the only variable that matters: compliance matters too. When coupling floor vibration upward though a tripod stand, flexture in the diagonally descending legs likely offers a bit of "shock absorption". In contrast, a vertical steel stand riser has essentially no compliance at stage-rumble frequencies. Still, whether or not leg compliance overcomes the lower overall mass probably depends on the vibrational frequency being coupled and the nature of the floor. I suspect if you put a folded packing blanket under a stand of each type, the heaver solid-base stand would prove quieter.
You're probably right on all of the points you miake.