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Old 27th September 2018
Lives for gear

Your movie reviews

What have you seen lately...and did you like or not and why?

A few for me:

The Enforcer: Denzel Washington in an ex-military badass takes on mean nasty Russian mafia in (if I recall correctly) Boston, kicking butt here and there. Rambo-ish basically but not so overtly military and his character is much more subdued. Predictable and not very believable, frankly not very good in general, but I'm a big Washington fan and he made it worth a watch if you're in the mood for such a thing.

Inside Out: a Pixar animation and one of their best ever. A young girl and her family move to a new town and the difficulties it places on them, with her emotions being characters in the film. Delivers a message (several really) without being preachy or self-righteous about it (refreshing) and just plain fun and done very well in all respects.

Annihilation: mentioned in another thread and gave me the idea for this thread. Someone else liked it but sorry IMO it was terrible. Basically some aliens land and put up some weird "protected" area that people can go into but never come back. Our heroine goes in with a few other people and nasty things happen - dressed up as sci fi but really a horror film, a gimmick which ticked me off as I like sci fi and hate horror (and do I need to explain how almost all horror films are really weak on plot/dialogue/etc...).