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Are you sure about that? I suppose that could be true, and that some people have made records that big, but I would like to know some specific examples. Doesn't Logic ignore any tracks over 256? Protools was a 128 track max until recently, and even now you could only do 512 in VIs. I would love to see some examples, not saying it never happened, but studios recording large orchestras don't individually mic/record each instrument.

The context is more DAW based composition, rather than live recording. I'm not hugely up to date with it, but even just a few years ago film composers used multiple computer systems to score and compose using high end sample libraries like those by Vienna Pro. Literally on DAW running just extended brass virtual instruments, another running just strings, another just woodwind, etc. People used to use midi over ethernet, but the process is a lot more streamlined now thanks to apps like VE Pro... all controlled by a central composition/scoring system.

It wouldn't surprise me if people were folding down their multiple sampling computers into smaller numbers thanks to the availability of faster computing. Hans Zimmer for example has routinely mentioned his custom 'sampler'. It would be interesting to know what is means by that. I'm sure it is a series of powerful computers, dedicated to playing certain sounds, all networked together. Those details may well be contained in this article - I haven't read the whole thing... but it does give an insight into how some composers for video work. Hans Zimmer | Steinberg