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Old 26th September 2018
Here for the gear

Hello All,

Ran the test on both my machines:

MBP Late 2013 i7 2Ghz 8gb Ram - 30 Tracks
MacPro (Trash Can) Quad 3.7ghz 32GB Ram - 49 Tracks

Pretty cool comparison but I'm a newb so I have to ask. I see some posts in here that they are running 100+ tracks with no issues. In the real world, whats a typical project contain and do we have a consensus on what is a good #? (i.e. what is a # where we wont throw our computer out the window while working) I ask bc some of us may be looking to throw the the trash can in the trash and replace with another solution or just upgrade in general. This test most certainly helps get some real world benchmarking. Thanks all!