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Lots of work done this week. We now have no concrete surrounding the house, no good way in or out, but we do have a new water line and a new sewer line, which we did not have for a few days this week. Asking clients to walk a block to the grocery store to use the bathroom was not my favorite, but everyone understands and has been easy going. We also had to postpone a few sessions this week while the compactor nearly shook the house down, and for about 7 hours on Thursday when the temporary power feed was knocked out.

The old overhead power service was removed and this last bit of the old addition was prepped to be removed.

Once the old steps and wall were removed it became easier to see what it will look like inside our new lobby once it is complete. The white door with the caution tape will be removed and stairs will lead down into the new lobby. Behind that door will be our kitchen and eating area.

As the concrete up front was removed the water line under the driveway broke, which led to us being without water for a few days until they could get the new line run.

The new water line was run where eventually our driveway will be again.

The old sewer line was clay and in pretty bad shape, so we had to put a new one in. Half of the street had to be shut down and trenching began. Eventually this trench would stretch across the entire front yard and down the side of the house to tie in and also lead to the new bathrooms that will be built.

We actually managed some cello overdubs this day, it was really a high point to ask a cello player to maneuver through this mess, and then on top of that tell her we had no water or bathroom.

I’m very grateful to our contractor and the excavation guys who put in a number of long days this week.

The week ended with the guys coming in on Saturday to dig the footings for the new building. I can’t wait to see some new construction.