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Semi-Pro Basement Studio Build

Hello there fellow sluterz.

I’ve got a lot of great information from these studio-build forums in the past and now it’s time to share my own semi-pro studio build, and again, hopefully get some insights from everyone here.

A little about myself and the space I am building.

I work as a professional musician for a living. I play keyboards (primary instrument), bass and guitar. About 70% of my work is live performance with local/touring groups, theatres and things like that. The other 30% is studio stuff like recording (projects done in my studio for others or playing on others’ recordings/scoring/arranging/mixing/sound design etc.)

The studio, like I said, is going to be semi-pro. I’m willing to spend some money to make it a good room, but as I stated before, only around 30% of my work is done in the studio, so I’d like to keep the project costs below $10K if possible. I will be building this myself. I’m a fairly handy guy, plus, I have friends that work in construction and one that’s an electrician.

Onto the details of the space:
My family and I bought a house (we’ll be moving in a couple months) and the studio will be located in the basement. The room is 20’6” x 12’8” with a ceiling height of 7’6”. The bedrooms and the studio are as far apart in the house as possible, so big plus there already. 3 of the 4 walls are exterior walls (poured concrete foundation), and I’ll be putting up a 4th wall to separate the studio space from the rest of the basement. The previous owner has framed the walls of the basement as follows: Concrete >> Wood frame >> Insulation >> Vapour Barrier >> 1 Layer of Drywall.

Things I plan on doing to build the studio:
1. Build a double wall with air gap as the fourth wall with door.
2. Frame the floor and fill with Roxul, then plywood, then flooring.
3. Run 2 15 Amp lines for gear. There’s already a line that’s wired to receptacles (for the studio part of the basement) on 1 breaker and one for all the basement lights on another breaker. So all in total will be 3 15 AMP lines and 1 for lights.
4. Make a vent silencer for the vent
5. Making a 1 to 2 foot, floor to ceiling super chunk bass trap at the front of the room and corner bass traps and the back.

Things I’m still trying to figure out:
1. Ceiling treatment
Option 1:
2 Layers of hard insulation caulked with green glue, then Roxul, then couple layers of drywall caulked with green glue.
Option 2:
2 Layers of hard insulation caulked with green glue, then Roxul, then resistant channel with drywall.

2. Wall treatment
This is what I’m really struggling with. I’ve seen people do many different things between gearlutz forums, other forums and chatting to a bunch of people.
I’m assuming because 3 of the 4 walls are the exterior walls, putting reliant channel on them would be overkill. I’d like to keep what the previous owner has already done, which is Wood frame >> Insulation >> Vapour Barrier >> 1 Layer of Drywall.
So maybe I just put up another 2 layers of drywall with green glue in between.

I should say that the isolation (in terms of sound leaving the studio) I’m looking for should be decent, however:
- I’ll be doing most of the work during the day when the kids are at school.
- Drums/loud guitars (which I don’t do very often) will be done in the garage and again when the kids are at school.
- I’d like to be able to mix at a low to medium volume in the evening. If I can record/play acoustic guitar in the studio without waking my family, then that would be sufficient isolation.

Sorry for the life story there. I'd like to have it all planned out as much as I can before I start the build, which won't be for a couple months anyway.

I've included some rough layouts. Won't be able to post any pics of the space until we get the house but I did include pics of a keyboard case I made and some bass traps.

Looking forward to sharing the build.
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