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^^^It's a good question. The gear Ive been accumulating over a lot of years, some of this gear Ive had since high school. Lots and lots of scouring local classifieds and thrift shops to find gear and doing that for over 20 years, things add up.
As for the studio - do we have the money to do this out of pocket? not even remotely close. It took over one year but we managed to get a good loan. We lucked into a few situations, described in my endless initial post, that helped us bank some cash for a downpayment and renovations. We have a business with a good track record and longevity, we have great credit, Im pretty smart and my wife is a genius! Is this a great idea? Frankly, Im not totally sure, but I think we can make it work and I feel that we will be able to help our local music community make even better recordings with the new spot. We definitely aren't in this for the money, if you are on this site I can't imagine you are either!
I will say that this whole process has been more work than I ever could have imagined. One foot in front of the other, keep going and then hope for the best!