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Good to hear your experience is similar to mine. Eneloop, of course, is simply a brand, with its AA rechargeables currently comprising the 'lite' model at 950mAH, the simple 'Eneloop' model at 1900mAH, and the 'pro' model, which I use, at 2500mAH: the latter are excellent, but perhaps not what bradh tried?
Yep, I'm using the 1900 mAH Panasonic Eneloops. I've been using Line Audio CM3s and OM1s (I also tried with a couple of Earthworks mics, which I know are very power-hungry, so that doesn't count). I probably do have my screen brightness at the highest level, and I'm playing back as well as recording; I haven't just let the recorder run (most of my recordings are short and I listen back to them), so all of those factors may be at play.