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Here for the gear

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I used a few powering options to start with (I have had a Mixpre-3 from when they first came out), but fairly early on realized that the 4 x AA sled was actually the best option for my purposes, with decent rechargeables of course - I use Eneloop Pros (2500mAh). They give 2-3hrs with 2-3 P48v mics

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i have the mixpre6m. i found the 4 battery sled with 2100nimhs just recording one or 2 mics only gave me a couple hrs or so

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I'm lucky to get 40 minutes of recording time with 4 Eneloop AA batteries in the sled on my MixPre 6.
Consistent with the first two quoted posts (and SD's claims), with my MixPre6, four Eneloops AAs, and usually 3 phantom power mics, I usually get between 2:00 and 2:15.

40 minutes seems awfully low with quality batteries like Eneloops. Are you running mics with particularly high phantom draw? Are you running the screen on full brightness? Something seems wrong.