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Old 21st September 2018
Gear Head

Only use for support

I only use GS for support. Generally, I don't have any problems with Reason in and of itself. Issues I previously had was integrating gear with Reason. I purchased the Orion Studio Rev 2017 a couple of months back and had a hard time figuring out how to incorporate the plug-ins in the Orion into my Reason's environment. One thing that I don't like about GS is you don't get much responses if your using software or gear that most of the user's in the forum are not using. Also, I found that if the complexity of your question is somewhat beginner or intermediate level, you will receive responses that are more discouraging than helpful.

Anyway, as a Reason user I find that it's best to go to Propellerhead's website and submit an email via the support section. They normally answer within 24 hours and all replies remain in your user account. That's how I got the answer I was looking for. I shared it on GS for any other Orion or Antelope Audio Interface users to refer to.