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To the usual customer of a project studio it looks more serious than just the macbook pro on the desk, the usual customer owns him or herself.
It may be small, but the looks and haptics of the controller are pro.

Why paint it so black and white with an adjective like "dumb"?
It's a nice extra which gives relevant info and access. If you don't like
it, just get it out of a drawer for 10 seconds every 14 days.
And who knows, that DSP may be offered in the near future.
I know lots of musicians who payed 200€ on a plugin without hardware "benefits"..
What are you even saying? So, instead of just a laptop a client gets to see a laptop and a usb box?

These boxes will never also have dsp AND if it’s like their 2290 you can’t change any settings in the plugin without the box.

Yeah... I have plenty of plugins that cost more but none require me to have a box to manipulate... that’s a good thing.... plugins don’t break... cheapie plastic usb boxes do.

It seems like tc is just revisiting their own topology... knock yourself out