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Old 19th September 2018
Here for the gear

bad tech support

I just purchased their Studio One Artist recording software and their AUDIOBOX interface. I downloaded the interface driver and software. When I clicked on the user manual, an error message said it had not been downloaded. Odd. So I went to the download window, hit download and got an error message that said it WAS downloaded! WTF??? So, I called Presonus support and it turns out the person manning the phones is NOT a tech; he just handles the calls and forwards the information. He assured me a tech would email me within 15 minutes.

24 hrs. later I still hadn't heard from them.

I re-called the tech support and got the SAME GUY, who told me they'd contact me in 15 minutes. I told him,"That's what you told me yesterday!"

Big air pause.....

So, here I am, with material to record, tracks to make, and I can't even run the damn thing because I can't access the manual!