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Hello all, I hope I'm posting this question in the right forum.

I've grown weary of buying classic gear on eBay or Reverb, due mostly to damaged equipment arriving via UPS/FedEx etc. Unfortunately, used Lexicons never show up locally.

To avoid this headache, lately I have been buying new gear from local shops. If they don't have it in stock and have to order it, I'd rather deal with the shop than the couriers.

So, I'm asking for suggestions for new gear that can get the PCM 80 sound heard here (Gothic Pad patch) at 2:09? *I don't know why the YT video below isn't starting at 2:09, apologies.*

Thank you to everyone that replies.

Maybe late to this party...

"Gothic Pad" is a bit of a twisted one. Most pitch/delays efx use the shifters' internal delays which obviously will cause pitch to raise or drop, with repetitions. This one doesn't as the shifters feed the delays and then a great Lexicon Plate reverb.
Can other units do exactly the same?
The big Eventide, yes, but you need Vsig work. Eclipse can't. The pedals... forget them.
Pcm92/96 can't... and no, their algorithms are not the same as the 8x/9x series. The plugs don't do this as well.
So? So your quick and cheap path is either a PCM80 w/Pitch FX card or a PCM81.

More about what's in the thread...
-Lexicon 300
sure, you can do amazing to extreme chorusing on it! The Dual Delays algorithm (actually an unique string of 6 series AND parallel delays never available on any other Lexicon) can do some unbelievable modulation efx.
They just need to be programmed.

The PCM80/81 is a stunning piece of processing hardware. What you hear in the presets doesn't make any justice to the machine. It has a spectacular series of internal parameters modulators and up to 8 pivot points in each single modulator>parameter patch (10 of them available in a preset!) that allow the user to create things impossible on any other unit... unless you go Orville/H8000. Glide modulation on the PCM is unique if deeply explored and a lot more stuff is in there.
For the prices these units go these days... it's nonsense to even look somewhere else. I added an 81 to my 80... and boy, those 2 together can do some amazing damaged beauty!