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seriously - why would you want to use a condenser on a tom? compared to other percussion instruments, toms have limited bandwith, they don't get played very often, you're getting more snare and cymbal bleed into your tom mics when using condensers, also more obivous phase issues on large sets with multiple mics...
Different microphones can sound and react quite different on all parts of the audio spectrum. There's no reason the amount of bandwidth of a source would determine the best microphone to use.

How much bandwidth does a kick drum have? Yet many like to use U47 FET on them. As far as bleed, condensers can have just as tight a pattern as a dynamic mic, as well as figure 8, etc.

I once owned an AT4060 and found it quite nice on percussive instruments. I never had the chance, but bet it would be excellent on toms, roto toms, congas, etc.