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I missed the initial discussion but what TNM is saying is in line with my experience of Matthew: kind, generous and happy to help.

Now post some pics TMN! I want to see the custom skins bruv!
All i had changed on Cubase was the meter colour to Orange..

and removed the double size integrated numbers into the meter on the L9 skin, as well as make the selected track contrast stronger on the PT skin.

However, the cubase skin had some radical fixes done along with it, so i am *hoping* that everyone else has access to that.

Since Matthew has already made the skin, if anyone likes the adjustments, i have zero issue with him sharing them to anyone he pleases

The fixes in the cubase skin fix the browser which was black text on dark blue and almost unreadable, it's perfect now, has added separation grid lines in the browser as well and made the inspector a better colour more suited to the rest of the theme.

The cubase theme is by far my favourite and something I could use every single day, however there is one big thing lacking in it that I hope gets fixed eventually.. It has no colour for the highlighted page section at all, which is really strange. Logic highlights what window you are working with, this cubase theme doesn't have any at all.. I don't understand why and i think it may have been an oversight. For example, if you click on the docked piano roll, or docked browser, logic puts a very fine but noticeable emphasis around the border so you know you are focused on that editor, and any key command you press will be related to the highlighted work area. So I have to sort of get used to not having it unfortunately, as i love the rest of the skin so much.

Hopefully when Matthew has time, he can put a gentle white or orange or even a different shade of blue, to keep in line with all the other logic themes.