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How to use Antelope AFX as insert fx's in Reason - The Right Way!

Okay! So, the information I previously gave you was correct but incomplete. Here is the full information straight from one of the product specialist at Propellerhead. If you've applied the steps I previously provided and became frustrated when it was time to bounce your mix to audio file, this is the solution. I'm glad the guys at Propellerhead were gracious enough to walk me through the process. I am so tired of exporting my tracks from Reason and importing them to Pro Tools to mix. Nothing against Pro Tools, I prefer working in Reasons 10.


As far as I understand the Orion Studio by Antelope Audio is a hardware device with built-in effects, right?
If that's the case it's not possible to "bounce" the audio - instead you will have to record the audio run through the effect onto a new audio track in Reason in real-time.

Connect the "To Device" connectors of the Insert FX section of the Audio Track/Mix Channel device to an output pair of the Hardware Interface device. Then connect the input pair (that the Orion returns the effect signal to) on the Hardware Interface device and route back to the "From Device" connectors of the Insert FX section of the Audio Track/Mix Channel device.

Then, create a new audio track in Reason.
On the source Audio Track/Mix Channel device in the rack, click the "Rec Source" button.
On the new audio track, select the original Audio Track/Mix Channel device as Inputs in the Input selector.
Adjust the level and hit Rec in Reason's sequencer to record the audio in real-time.

Please have a look in the Reason 10 help for more details about recording from Mix Channels in real-time:

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