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My favorite is probably the AOM Invisible Limiter G2 however it doesn't have a true peak limiter which is a problem for all the streaming stuff and also it tends to distort easily especially on bass heavy material. So now my go-to limiter is the new FabFilter Pro-L2 which is the safe route, but to me it doesn't sound as good as the G2.
I use Invisible Limiter for all the bass heavy stuff I work on, my trick is to push IL as far as it'll go without distorting and then top it off with a "safe" limiter which in my case is Ozone 8 IRC IV transient. I've also recently started clipping after IL with StandardCLIP as opposed to using the built-in clipper.

If this doesn't give me the results I wanted it's usually because I needed to get more loudness out of the mix itself.