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i have the mixpre6m. i found the 4 battery sled with 2100nimhs just recording one or 2 mics only gave me a couple hrs or so, but i got the latest Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD and i think it will give me maybe 10-12 (i haven't drained it yet). well worth it

ps i'm more stationary and recording acoustic instruments for longer sessions off grid, so the usb c connection doesn't feel like an issue.
I'm lucky to get 40 minutes of recording time with 4 Eneloop AA batteries in the sled on my MixPre 6. I too bought an Anker PowerCore+ (although mine is the 20100 model) and it's amazing...definitely good for recording all day if you have to. The USB-C connector seems to fit tighter than the one on the cable that comes with the MixPre 3 or 6 and I haven't had any disconnects, although I leave the 4 Eneloops in the battery sled when recording to serve as instant backup just in case.

My only complaint about the Anker Powercore is that it's not physically attached to the recorder so if you're using a bag or otherwise mobile it's not really an optimal solution. I feel the Wasabi batteries and charger in my future (also a big fan of Wasabi; I use them for my cinema camera)