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The 160X and 160XTs are mainly used for vocals in non-OverEasy mode. IMHO, the 160X is much better sounding than the 160XT. The compression is smoother. I've never used the 160A.
The signal path in the X and XT is the same if you use the unbalanced outputs. The XT has additional 5534 opamps for the XLR balanced outs. The X output is unbalanced and the XT included that same circuit for it's TRS output jack. Yes, both are isolated and can be run at the same time.

There is a slight side chain difference. The X uses a single 10 uf low leakage electrolytic cap for the RMS detector chip timing. The XT uses the newer "non-linear capacitor" circuit that tracks mids and high frequencies more accurately.

In my experience, the non-linear timing circuit tracks better for vocals and transients. The X's simple 10 uf cap works better for kick and bass or any low frequency dominant sources.

The A version also uses the non-linear capacitor circuit with 5532 opamps. It tends to sound a bit darker partly due to the 20k hz filters it uses at each input and output.

Back 25 odd years ago one would find the 160X or XT's filling the racks in the mix rooms at Warner Bros. That's about all they ever used. 3 480's, 3 224XL's, some Harmonizers and those comps mixed all your favorite movies.