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The Waves SSL E & G are $29 right now but will end in 24 hours or less. I would definitely grab it. I use both of these in every session and they are my fav's. I also have the BX console E which I havent used much but its pretty dam amazing. The most recent versions of Studio One has Console shaper built-in. The whole audio engine in S1 has been programmed to sound like a console all the way to the summing which is supposed to act like a SSL board so you might have some SSL mojo in S1 already.

Grab the waves here if you're interested --> Analog Modeled Plugins | Waves
I have the SSL E Channel 4000 from Waves can't beat $29 :-)
You saud BX SSL 4000 channel E is amazing why not use it over the Waves SSL?

I've studied the BX SSL 4000 channel E and its exactly like the desk. As a matter of fact you can take the black LF buttons and turn it Brown giving a softer LF. They have it where you can have the orange knobs in the other section. That type of desk only exist in Japan but BX has it.

This year or the beginning of next year l will cop the BX SSL 4000 channel E. They have Waves beat on this one plus SSL helped them with that project.