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The just-released Apollo X series interfaces are tb3
You'd think for such teasers of the "future", they could, no would, have put 8 chips in there.. However, I guess 6 is still better than nothing as far as upgrades go.

Also a real shame IMO that they missed the opportunity again to make their adat input 16.. They have the dual inputs, they could have made it 16 inputs at 44/48K and 8 with S/Mux. Like every other interface in existence that has dual adat i/o. They really are stingy on the ins for a high end interface.. it's obviously a calculated decision so people buy more than one.

Apparently they do have better ADDA than TBolt2 gen, which is the part that is particularly interesting IMO, as they were already pretty darn decent. I have to wonder if UA will be addressing the Console monitoring latency issue at all with Software release 10.

Still, a semi exciting release.. and if one uses all the MK1 plugins to monitor due to the zero latency of them, they are really dsp light and would leave some chip power to use a couple of the top fx in a daw environment.

Unless of course one uses unison, which is hungry. (and latent, any unison plugin has a minimum of 55 samples latency on top of console's basic latency RTL).