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Interesting observations. I know the VU's well but don't have any because I don't like them. I have at least one pair of all 4 descendants (x, xt, a, and 560a) and I find them far more alike than different, aside from age-related deterioration issues. Maybe I can't discern the more subtle distinctions because I don't have the ears. And maybe it's just my particular units, but I wouldn't call xt's dirty and crunchy.

I think all of mine behave about the same on overdriven amps. If the amp's really overdriven, I don't see the point of more compression unless it's on a distant mic, pushing up the ringouts.

All of the LA session guys I worked with of a certain age all seemed to have a 160 variant (not vu) in their giant Mike Thompson/Lukather shrines (aka rolling racks)

I’m fact, I’ve been perma-loaned one such rack and it’s got all the go-to’s of that era... a 160x, CAE 3+ preamp, but 2150 a tc 2190... a couple different rack chorus and reverbs... it literally is almost identical to most pro rigs that I recall seeing in that era