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Old 8th September 2018
Here for the gear

I don't know either but here's what I hink I know.

Google any random speaker frequency response graph. Look at the left to figure out where -4db starts and draw an imaginary horizontal line. If you move this line downward to -10 you will notice suddenly the speaker has a better low end response reaching further down to 0. Same goes for the high frequencies.

Now, sound like ripples in water doesn't just cut off suddenly or fade. Every ripple influences all nearby frequencies until infinity in the highs or absolute zero in the lows. So all speakers could in theory reproduce all frequencies down to near 0 and up to 20khz or more even your iphone in-ears cpuld (ehem) :D.
But as a normal human being you won't hear it because 10hz at -50db is just too low to notice.

BTW that last statement is false. IBecause if your speaker driver is big enough (8") and loud enough. Not your ears, but your furniture will notice.