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Hope I'm not overposting (or about to start) on this ...
I've heard a broad range of estimates on how much battery life the MixPre 3/6 will get on the rechargeable lithium AA batteries.
I have the basic 4 AA 'sled' and I thought it would be useful to know people's specific experiences with specific products. Obviously "it depends" but any specific experience would be useful.
I'm considering whether the AAs are even worth it or just go to one of those usb power bricks.

From your previous posts you evidently have a Mixpre-3, which - by virtue of only three pre-amps providing P48v - is the least power-hungry of the series. As you already have this in hand, know your usage best, and have your mics (with specific power consumption), then it is best to test for yourself with AAs. I used a few powering options to start with (I have had a Mixpre-3 from when they first came out), but fairly early on realized that the 4 x AA sled was actually the best option for my purposes, with decent rechargeables of course - I use Eneloop Pros (2500mAh). They give 2-3hrs with 2-3 P48v mics, are easy to swap out (I have 3 sets), avoid the less than robust USB connection or the bulk of external Sony L-type batteries via the MX-L mount (or 3rd party equivalent), and maintain the (usefully) diminutive size of the recorder.