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I have an Orion Studio 2017 and am able to use it in Reason (10) as an insert.

You will need to enable more than two outputs (two outputs is the default install) in Reason.
Go to EDIT | PREFERENCES | AUDIO and update the Active output channels (middle of the page) to include more outputs. For example, I enabled outputs 3+4 in addition to the normal stereo output (1+2). You can then use outputs 3+4 to interact with the Orion.

Route the direct output of the MIX item (guitar for example) that you want to compress to output 3 (or 3+4 if you need stereo).

In your Orion routing screen - (assuming you used Audio output 3+4) route USB or TB PLAY (you didn't indicate which you are using) 3+4 to AFX IN 3+4 - then route AFX OUT 3+4 to USB or TB REC 3+4.

setup your FX in the Orion Effects screen on slots 3+4

In Reason route Audio Inputs 3+4 (which is the return from Orion FX) to a new mix channel and use the new mix channel to adjust how much of the return signal you want.

DUDE YOU ARE BLESSING!!!! WORKED LIKE A CHARM! It makes perfect sense! I don't know why I didn't think of this. Thanks!