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I'm actually kind of glad I lack your acuity. If I had it, I wouldn't just plug stuff in willy-nilly with no concern for the subtle differences, which is pretty much what I do.
There's no wrong way, that's for sure. I do admit that I try to get to know my gear as much as possible. Inside and out. Most importantly how it will affect the signal I put through it.

I have my gear on patch points I will pull up a guitar, bass, kik, snare, vocal, etc.. put it on a loop and patch through different Comps, eqs, etc dialing it in and out to listen to what it does, this is entertaining to me as pathetic as it might sound. After time it leaves an impression and I do not forget what it does.

When it comes time to do a mix I feel prepped. I know what signal chains fit well together in specific orders to reach the sound I hear for the mix in my head. I do not get stuck in my ways and I'm always trying different things.