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I have to admit, I'm kind of shocked UA didn't take advantage of the psychological significance of "X" as a new version number to make bigger changes to the units. Thinking of it as version 10 etc, I really expected them to release UAD3 here. But I think maybe I figured out their intended marketing slogan:

UAD 'X' - 'Xactly' the same DSP we first introduced literally one decade ago!


I just hope that they don't have the old "Waves" mentality with trying to squeeze us for every last dime before they realize that they should have given us UAD3 or more DSP sooner before its too late.
No company is "un-blacklist-able" and it being 2018, they really need to step up a gear with the power they are given us in the UAD2 platform for what they are charging.
I'll still be buying one of these, but needed to be said.