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Originally Posted by thermos View Post
Would love to know the depth of the interface for racking purposes.
I'll get this info for you asap

Originally Posted by Hired Goon View Post
Indeed, but not zero. Do you have some RTL values with various buffer sizes to post?
I'll also provide some actual RTL values for various DAWS, but I assure you that in some DAWs like Logic and Studio One it can get down to .7ms!

Originally Posted by excelcruz View Post
What an exciting time in pro Audio! I’m definitely looking to upgrade!
Living the dream over here!

Originally Posted by Studio Saturn View Post
Ok now my request to you Slate, Can you please come up with smaller version of this with a less price tag? that will be awesome.
Let me come up for a bit of air first but we hear you!

Originally Posted by protoolswiz View Post
The VRS8 has been in my possession for several months as I tested and ran it secretly. I have retired my UAD Apollo's to be DSP on our two HDX rigs. The VRS8 sounds much better than the A/D's on the Apollo Silver Face models. The black face 8 or 8P may be a little closer to the quality of the VRS8. The headphone amplifier/speaker outs sound better. The virtual preamp selections are way better in my opinion than Unison preamps used by UAD.
Thank you so much for helping us finalize it! Glad you love it!

Originally Posted by jordanvoth View Post
Really wish the mic pres on this were digitally controlled. It's a virtual interface and it lacks the exact recall that many other interfaces like UA, Antelope and Presonus have. I've never been a big fan of the plugins cause they're pretty noisy but if I was this would definitely be something I'd be interested in.
No more noise since VMR 2.0 update!

Originally Posted by Beatworld View Post
Does it come with any software for mixing when tracking, for example like Maestro 2 that comes with Apogee products ?
Hi, the idea is that it's so low latency and low CPU that you can use your actual DAW mixer for tracking!