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Old 5th September 2018
Lives for gear

I started using Fruity Loops back in college (2.5). I used to love it. It was easy to use. Once the Piano Roll came around it really changed the application and I was doing some really cool stuff with. However when it came time to get serious about music I moved to more "serious" DAWs, moved to Logic 5.5 (which I hated coming from Fruity Loops) and moved to Reason instead.

A few years later I bought myself a MacBook Pro (the first one), moved back to Logic and never looked back. Anywho I downloaded the FLStudio 20 demo recently to my mac to see what it was like after all these years. There are things I like about it but at the moment I have too many DAWs on my machine (just bought Bitwig) and FLStudio is totally alien to how all of my other DAWs work.

Personally the main reason I think people don't take the software seriously is because of the way it looks. It seems to value aesthetics more often than functionality and even in that department it seems to go for an over the top candy coated look versus something more functional or utilitarian like Logic, Studio One or Ableton. It makes it looks like a toy.