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Thanks SameOh for the comments.

Let me make it clear that we have a ton of respect for Universal Audio, and I've not hid the fact that I find their products to be incredible.

And I also know that because of their incredible products, they have very loyal customers who may take our comments personally about internal dsp chips being outdated.

But these comments are not intended as a personal jab, but merely to explain the obvious difference of opinion that we have regarding using sharc dsp to power plugins in 2018. It also partly explains the cost differences.

It's a fact that native processors are far more effective in powering modern plugins versus using sharc chips, and this can be proven by comparing plugins that are both native and also on the sharc chip platform.

If any company were to release an interface, then they surely have put a lot of work into it, and therefore it would be foolish not to make a statement of dsp vs native.

Thanks very much,