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Old 5th September 2018
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Thanks. Now I when I look at my Alpha Juno I see an empty socket where the JD-XA would fit. I had no idea it had analog oscillators in it. But still, the Alpha can be a 303 or a 101 if it wants, with the right MIDI controller. I doubt the new thing has poly sounds that are as thick either. It's prob close, but there's nothing like that thick thumpy crunch. Then again, the Moog Minitaur literally sounds like somebody surgically removed one of the voices from an original Voyager Mini - a VERY pleasant surprise. $400 for the thickest, thumpiest straight 16th note sawtooth wibble-wobble and syncopated 16th square acid buzz bass leads. The only thing about it that I would change slightly is that the filter resonance goes way too far at only a little halfway up the dial and starts squelching and dog-whistling. It's a cool effect for non-rhythmic background "pad enhancement" stuff, but for the standard filter sweeps it makes the sweet spot a bit narrow is all. And yes it's not a poly synth I know, but I started off with the idea to shoot out an Alpha Juno against the JD-XA though haha

So what, the JD-XA is like an Alpha Juno with a Kurzweil PC3K or K2XXX series stuffed inside? Because that's my exact two-tier keyboard rig and the rest are a bunch of modules. So now I'm supposed to only have a SINGLE tiered keyboard setup? So not compatible with neon clothes and hairspray layered mullet haha