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Old 5th September 2018
Lives for gear
Used Fruity Loops back when it was free, along with CoolEditPro, because it was the only step sequencer based platform and it came with great rock and metal drum sounds. Then reason came out, and had better sounds and Cakewalk started to develop highly competitively. After that I tried other DAWs, Cubase, Logic, ProToolsFree, but always came back to Cakewalk because it always was first with the latest features, and any other DAW that came out with a new feature, soon became featured by Cakewalk. Nowadays, the entirety of FL is pretty much a right click away, built into Cakewalk, with even more groove making features that are easier to access. Cakewalk X3 Producer to me is the ultimate pinnacle and summation of every other DAW. I've used them all except PreSonus and Ableton, at the height of their popularity. Sonar X3 Producer leaves absolutely nothing to be desired from plugins to views and layouts, it can almost literally BE any of the other DAWs if you so choose, or learn it as is and it WILL BE all of the other DAWs within one or two mouseclicks, or a simple hotkey. All DAWs have ups and downs, and Sonar is all of the very best ups from all of them, the only down being you'd better know how to setup a stable installation of Microsoft Windows from the hardware up, or Bill Gates will get a crash report that once was your hard work haha But once you have your computer built to run Cakewalk, you can do anything they can do, better and faster, tracking to mixing to master, synths and realistic bass and drums, mix effects, pitch correction, tempo and time signature changes, full MIDI even control, multiple take lanes and automated everything, just don't have any other threads running from other programs that aren't integrated via ReWire or ASIO haha